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Easy-to-adjust one-way flow control valve VFOE from Festo

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The VFOE allows machinery and plant manufacturers to regulate the speed of pneumatic cylinders in their machines and plants to suit their specific needs and expectations. This compact one-way flow control valve from the Festo Core Range has proven itself to be a cost-effective solution for standard applications.

The manually adjustable one-way flow control valve VFOE from Festo as a supply air and exhaust air variant enables the retraction and advancing speed of a pneumatic actuator’s piston rod to be freely adjusted. Thanks to optimised production, the one-way flow control valve is a low-cost way of implementing standard requirements.

Adjustment of the valve is reliable and very easy – three steps is all it takes. The actuator button in different colours makes it quick and easy to select the necessary flow control, whether incoming air or outgoing air. The tube outlet direction is adjusted in no time by simply turning the top of the outlet. The valve can be adjusted manually using a rotary knob with detent. This alters the flow cross section in the flow channel.

The Festo Core Range

The Festo Core Range is always in stock at the company’s service centres around the world. It takes just a few clicks to order the one-way flow control valve VFOE from the Festo Online Shop – and it will swiftly be ready for dispatch from the plant. Users will have no trouble finding the products from the Core Range in the catalogue or Online Shop: they are marked with a blue star. The most popular variants are available in packs of 20 or 50 units.


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