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New Siemens solutions CNC Sinumerik One at EMO Milano

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Siemens is expanding its offering for the «Digital Native» CNC Sinumerik One. Two years after its market launch, the technology company is presenting numerous innovations in hardware and software for the Sinumerik One at EMO Milano and the virtual Siemens Machine Tool Days. In this context, Siemens is demonstrating how the powerful machine tool controller can be used in a highly productive, flexible, and modular way and in the best possible way for digital transformation. In terms of hardware, the new NCU 1740 complements the existing NCU 1750 and 1760 as well as the PPU 1740, thus expanding its use in modular machines.

In the software area, Sinumerik RunMy Robot /Direct Control and Sinumerik RunMy Robot /Direct Handling are available from version 2.0 for Sinumerik One. This means that Sinumerik One can also be used for robot applications, which Siemens is demonstrating with a showcase at EMO Milano and the Siemens Machine Tool Days. With the new Sinumerik software V6.15 there are also new technology functions for the Sinumerik One: Protect MyMachine Multichannel is now available for the Sinumerik One for collision avoidance.

In operating situations, the function provides reliable protection against unwanted collisions of moving machine components with static machine components in the working area of the machine tool. With the new Mutlichannel feature, it is now also possible to ensure collision avoidance between parallel processes. With the new technology function comb grooving, the control receives an upgrade for an effective and process-safe method in turning by intelligently using the Y-axis and making the production of deep and wide grooves now possible. This function significantly improves the productivity of the machine through higher material removal during turning and better cutting guidance.

As far as the software for the digital twin of the Sinumerik One is concerned, there are innovations for machine builders in Create MyVirtual Machine and innovations for users in Run MyVirtual Machine. Create MyVirtual Machine and Run MyVirtual Machine now support all current CNC software versions in parallel. In addition, the possibility of a workpiece measuring cycle via a probe simulation is given. Machine builders also benefit from Create MyVirtual Machine’s ability to customize their own interfaces with various HMI engineering tools, as well as enhanced safety commissioning capabilities.

With Create MyVirtual Machine, CNC machines can be developed, commissioned, and tested in parallel. PLC, NC, and safety programming, as well as HMI parameterization, are efficiently performed using TIA Portal, which is now available in V17 for machine tools. The behavior of the machine logic can also be tested with the SIMIT simulation platform. Optionally, the machine concept can be verified with the Mechatronic Concept Designer. Machine builders can get support in creating the digital twin with Sinumerik One Virtual Commissioning, Consulting, Implentation and Training. As part of this offer, project-specific requirements are analyzed together with Siemens experts. A solution concept is then developed, including training and virtual commissioning.

With the digital twin of machining, Run MyVirtual Machine, the NC program can be simulated, tested, and run in virtually on the computer. This saves time at the machine and prevents programming errors that can lead to collisions. With the update, it is now also possible to simulate lathes in the /3D option. For efficient learning and testing, the software has new machine templates. In addition, the Display Manager and Sidescreen support an even better application experience.

Those who want to modernize their machine during the digital transformation now have the option for a retrofit from its previous control system to Sinumerik One. All adaptation work can be carried out on the digital twin before the actual conversion to enable a retrofit within a few working days.


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