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Siemens supplies CNC automation hardware and software to the BMW Grou

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The automation solution includes, among other things, the new generation of the Sinumerik One CNC control, which offers digital possibilities to increase productivity in production. The new automation portfolio will be used at the Steyr production plant in Austria to produce the electric drive housing. It will also help to transform production for the digital age. Siemens and the BMW Group have a long-standing partnership. The success of both companies is based on driving innovation and developing forward-looking technologies, while at the same time focusing on sustainability.

Sinumerik One plays a central role in the transformation of machine tools in the age of Industry 4.0. The controller outperforms previous generations of controllers in terms of PLC and CNC performance in machine operation, cutting speed, and data collection and processing power. Thanks to the integrated Simatic S7-1500F PLC, it offers up to 10 times faster PLC cycle times. With the Simatic S7-1500F PLC, Sinumerik One is fully integrated into the Engineering Framework TIA Portal and thus enables standardization of all engineering tasks for operators of larger plants.

With Sinumerik One, Siemens offers the technology to easily create and work with digital twins of machine tools. Digital self-optimization tools, predictive maintenance tools for reduced and planned downtimes and intelligent assistance systems for machine safety and operation can be used to increase production efficiency and reliability many times over.

The plant in Steyr is the BMW Group’s largest motor factory. This is where all the housings for the e-drive of the new BMW e-mobility fleet are exclusively manufactured. Five different housing variants are produced on one production line. The new generation of CNC automation from Siemens supports the BMW Group’s entry into the e-mobility market and contributes to an optimized production process.


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