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Growskills Robotics new distributor of Yamaha Robotics Factory Automation in Portugal

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Yamaha Robotics Factory Automation section has appointed Growskills Robotics as its distributor in Portugal. The move strengthens support for enterprises seeking to modernise their processes using the Company’s portfolio of robots for light industrial applications.

“With experience in education and training, as well as sales and support, Growskills Robotics can show the market how our technologies transform key metrics like quality, delivery, and productivity,” said Jumpei Ninomiya, Yamaha FA Sales Manager for Europe. “Together, we can help customers automate and improve the performance of numerous processes that involve component picking, placement, packaging, and light mechanical assembly.”

“We are looking forward to a successful and rewarding collaboration with Yamaha, using flexible, affordable robots to overcome the challenges that face manufacturing and logistics companies,” said António Fernandes, General Manager, Growskills Robotics. “The Yamaha portfolio addresses inline and standalone applications, and enables end-to-end automated solutions that are fast, reliable, and scalable.”

The Yamaha portfolio includes SCARA and cartesian, multi-axis robot arms, and single-axis robots, featured for use in environments from small factories and workshops to laboratory cleanrooms. There is a wide selection of SCARA robots, including the competitively-priced YK-XE series that offers arm-length options up to 710mm and load capacity from 4kg to 10kg. In addition, Yamaha’s LCMR200 programmable high-speed linear conveyor modules handle workpiece transport and are quieter and more flexible than conventional belt-and-roller conveyors. The RCXiVY2+ system simplifies adding vision capabilities and connects directly with the RCX340 robot controller for efficient performance with minimal latency.


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