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icotek presents its new FDA-compliant cable entry plates KEL-DPZ-HD

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The KEL-DPZ-HD has been specially developed for the use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Considering the Hygienic Design guidelines, icotek took great care to make the surface very smooth so that there are no dirt-collecting recesses on the visible side. The outer contour radius of 6 mm – instead of the required 3 mm – exceeds the EHEDG specifications. The KEL-DPZ-HD uses an FDA-compliant material in accordance with food approval 1935/2004 / EG and (EU) 10/2011. A clear visual colour recognition is given with the signal color blue.

Cables and hoses with a diameter range of 3.2 mm to 22.2 mm are routed and sealed with IP65 / 66/67/68. Depending on the version, up to 35 cables can be routed. The clamping area has a flexibility of up to 7 mm and offers variation options even during the assembly. The plates are initially available with a metric thread in sizes M32, M40, M50 and M63. A major advantage over conventional cable glands is the significantly greater packing density. The fixing of the cable entry plate with a lock nut is fairly simple.In addition and to complete its Hygienic Design System, icotek developed detectable cable ties KB-HDD and cable tie holders KBH-HDD. icotek also offers plugs of the type ST-B-HD as a detectable version – ST-B-HDD, in order to seal any pierced cable entry membranes which are no longer in use. Free samples and certificates can be obtained directly from the manufacturer. The new products are free of halogen and silicone.


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