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Pilz Safety card PMCprotego S3 expands drive-integrated safe motion solution PMCprotego DS

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The new safety card PMCprotego S3 expands the drive-integrated safe motion solution PMCprotego DS, adding further safe motion monitoring functions in accordance with EN 61800-5-2. With these functions it is now possible to configure an application-specific error reaction in advance, flexibly and individually via the engineering tool PASmotion. That reduces machine downtimes, so that plants always achieve maximum productivity, despite the most varied of safety requirements. This guarantees high plant availability.

The additional safe motion monitoring functions include safely monitored direction (SDI-M), safely monitored increment (SLI-M), safely monitored speed (SLS-M) as well as safely monitored operating stop (SOS-M), safely monitored position (SLP-M) and safely monitored speed range (SSR-M).
Thanks to the new functions, PMCprotego S3 guarantees greater flexibility in engineering.

Safety functions with safe communication provide flexibility

Safe, fast communication on the PMCprotego S3 is via the real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p RTFL. This also now enables safe cross-communication between all drives in the application that are equipped with a safety card. The outputs on the safety card SafetyNET p RTFL can also be used virtually: this flexibility of use reduces the wiring effort and thereby saves hardware costs.

Complete open package saves effort

Via SafetyNETp it is now also possible to connect the drive-integrated solution directly to the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2. What’s more it is open towards popular motor types and feedback systems on the market and also supports standard communication via EtherCAT and Profinet. So a complete open package is available, comprising a safe drive solution and safe controller, which is simple to incorporate into existing applications. This openness offers machine builders a high level of flexibility, saving additional effort and costs.

Tool accelerates commissioning

For fast commissioning, the engineering tool PASmotion not only provides parametrisation of the safety card but also configuration of the servo amplifiers and motion controller in one tool. Using certified blocks, users can quickly assemble «their» functions in the engineering tool: the blocks can be easily linked and combined, plus the inputs and outputs are free to assign individually. Virtual inputs and outputs can also be mapped via SafetyNET p RTFL, while physical inputs and outputs can be mapped to the safety functions in the graphics editor, saving more time. That way users obtain their individual drive solution and are supported by a flexible, intuitive configuration. That saves time and guarantees fast commissioning.

One-stop drive configuration

Pilz also offers complete engineering as well as services, including for solutions from the PMC range (Pilz Motion Control). This applies to both new and existing plants (retrofit). The Pilz complete one-stop package minimises the time spent on the overall drive configuration. As a result, plants can be commissioned more easily – in packaging technology for example, as here there are a high number of axes to coordinate safely. Machine builders and operators alike benefit from application-specific, fast overall solutions, which save time and costs and increase overall productivity.


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