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MOVIKIT MultiMotion Camming addon AntiSlosh software module

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When transporting liquids in open containers – during the production or packaging process, for example – there is a risk of them sloshing due to a cycle mode or spilling as a result of acceleration and deceleration. The MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming addon AntiSlosh software module from SEW EURODRIVE minimizes this risk.

Nobody wants to have liquids sloshing about and spilling during the production and packaging process. This can result in problems with seals, soiling of containers and heavy contamination of machinery, leading to rejects that reduce the operator’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). However, if this issue is addressed by reducing acceleration and cycle rates, machine productivity then suffers.

The MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming addon AntiSlosh software module from SEW-EURODRIVE uses intelligent coordination technology to generate vibration-free motion profiles that are adapted to a liquid’s physical properties. Making optimum use of cycle time means production performance can be maximized, while also protecting against spillages.

In food production and processing applications, keeping everything clean and hygienic is another vital concern. Contamination should ideally be prevented from the outset, and a precisely managed process can help achieve that. This is where MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming addon AntiSlosh comes in. The software module forms part of the MOVI-C® modular automation system. During acceleration and deceleration processes, it controls motion profiles so skillfully that liquid or viscous products can be positioned highly dynamically without any spillage and, most importantly of all, cleanly.

This new, award-winning motion control solution significantly cuts the level of soiling and therefore the amount of cleaning required. That in turn boosts efficiency, reduces the amount of wear and also makes faults less likely. The software module optimizes cycle times with a view to maximizing performance, production output and operational reliability. The natural frequency, viscosity and damping of the liquid are all factored into the calculation.

This may sound complicated, but it actually makes life very easy for users, as just a few parameters need to be adjusted to customize the MOVIKIT® MultiMotion Camming addon AntiSlosh software module – and therefore the motion profile – to suit the specific product. As a result, drive technology can definitely make a significant contribution to hygiene by lowering the risk of contamination thanks to clean positioning and portioning.


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