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Emerson industrial controls and automation at SPS Fair 2021

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Emerson will demonstrate industrial controls and automation at SPS Fair 2021, that enable manufacturers to digitally transform their operations and realise greater production flexibility and performance.

The Emerson exhibit will feature its latest programmable automation controllers and SCADA/HMI software, designed to provide improvements in operator and equipment effectiveness, machine efficiency, sustainability, interoperability and security in a wide range of motion control, machine safety and other plant-level and edge applications.

Taking place in Nuremberg, Germany on the 23rd – 25th November 2021, the SPS Fair (previously known as SPS IPC Drives) will be a hybrid conference and exhibition, with access both in person and via its digital platform “SPS on Air”. The event focuses on smart production solutions and helps visitors identify practical solutions to their specific business challenges.

“Improving overall operational performance can be achieved through digital transformation, which may involve a single machine, process or manufacturing plant,” explained Derek Thomas, vice president of marketing and strategy for Emerson’s machine automation solutions business. “Emerson helps to accelerate digital transformation and IIoT capabilities across businesses and industries, providing machine and plant-level industrial edge devices, sensors and software that deliver actionable insights that significantly improve overall equipment effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, interoperability and security.”

To remain competitive, companies need to provide product innovation supported by production flexibility, and increase operational efficiency through greater productivity, equipment availability, reduced costs, energy consumption and materials waste. The digital transformation of operations using technologies such as edge-based controllers and advanced software for improved visualisation helps to achieve these goals.

The demonstrations will focus on Emerson’s PACSystems™, which offers a scalable platform for high-performance control, analytics and visualisation in discrete, hybrid and process applications. PACSystems edge controllers can operate as either an IIoT-enabled PLC or an advanced supervisory controller for manufacturing operations. In addition, Emerson’s powerful, compact industrial computing and operator interfaces offer increased analytics and graphics capability for edge applications and reduced footprints.

Industrial controllers on display will include:

PACSystems RX3i CPL410 Edge Controller provides true edge control technology, combining real-time, deterministic control with advanced, Linux-based applications in a single device providing a foundation for industrial IoT. The RX3i utilises the powerful PACSystems control engine and programming environment to provide application portability across all of Emerson’s PLC hardware platforms.

PACSystems RXi2 Edge Computers enable users to maximise value, while easily and cost-effectively scaling with their enterprise. The RXi2 portfolio offers rugged computing designed for the industrial world and high-performance analytics and graphics with maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.

PACSystems RSTi-EP compact controllers meet the demand for smaller form factor, high performance, connectivity, scalability and advanced cybersecurity, that enables equipment builders to improve performance and flexibility of their machines while reducing size, complexity and cost.

PACEdge™ IIoT Software is a new edge analytics solution that provides developers with an integrated and secure platform for creating, deploying and scaling applications, ensuring a single source of truth across information technology, operational technology and enterprise-level data, so any end user can derive valuable insights.

“Edge control is redefining the traditional control model by bringing together OT and IT technology in a single solution capable of logic, data management and analytics,” explained Thomas. “This transformation of PLCs and industrial PCs is creating new possibilities for tackling today’s IIoT and digital transformation challenges by enabling customers to start small at a machine, scale to plant-wide analytics, and make manageable investments with a single platform.”

Improved visualisation of operations is essential to allow operators, plant managers and stakeholders to facilitate better decision-making and improved operational efficiency and safety. Providing powerful reporting, trending and data analysis tools accessible locally or over the web helps to create a new era in supervisory and control solutions. Emerson will also demonstrate how its Movicon™ industrial software platform offers the most innovative and flexible software technology for Window/Linux HMI projects, for SCADA supervisory systems, and efficient MES analysis solutions that are essential to Industry 4.0.

“Modern graphics and user interfaces provided by Movicon help operators to visualise operations, identify trends, and analyse and interpret data in a simple and fast way,” explained Thomas. “Extending the access via a browser and wearable devices using augmented reality, ensures more immediate and direct availability, improving efficiency, productivity and safety.”

SCADA/HMI software on display will include:

Movicon.NexT™ HMI/SCADA is an industrial software platform that provide plant analytics, industrial visualisation, human machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition to drive better and smarter insights for digital transformation. The flexible, scalable software platform is available for both Windows and Linux using the latest technologies that are essential to Industry 4.0.

Movicon Pro.Lean™ provides downtime, quality, scrap and production performance data and analytics in order to calculate overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for production processes.

Movicon Pro.Energy™ is an energy monitoring application for measuring and tracking consumption and changes across an operating unit or set of equipment to help understand where to focus energy efficiency improvement efforts.

Movicon WebHMI is an HTML5-based visualisation tool that can be used as a stand-alone HMI product running on Windows or Linux operator panels, or as a Web Client for Movicon.NExT SCADA applications.

Movicon NExT.AR is a next generation visualisation tool that allows the overlay of real-time machine or production data via a `wearable’ device or smart glasses. This provides users with a new interactive experience with systems that is more immediate and direct, improving efficiency, productivity and safety.

Connext™ is an industrial protocol gateway to help connect production data to supervisory or enterprise software applications.

Emerson: Booth 490, Hall 7


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