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EPLAN presents at SPS 2021 new full version of eMANAGE

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Even with the free version of eMANAGE, projects from the EPLAN platform can be uploaded, shared and managed in the cloud environment. At the SPS 2021 EPLAN is presenting the full version, which offers significant added value: master data can be called up in the cloud, accompanying documents are now accessible and performance increases with additional capacity. Collaboration is at the center of the application, which connects OEMs, system integrators, machine builders and operators.

The full version of eMANAGE has been available since the appearance of the new EPLAN Platform 2022 in September. At the SPS in Nuremberg, the solution provider EPLAN will be presenting the chargeable expansion stage of the innovative cloud software, which allows the first steps towards a roundtrip-capable engineering in automation.

If a project has so far been shared in the cloud, the circuit diagrams are visible – but not the entire accompanying documents. EPLAN eMANAGE in the full version offers added value here. All project-relevant data and accompanying documents, such as material lists, parts list information or neutral documents in Excel, are thus available to those involved in the project. These are exchangeable on a uniform database. Claas Schreibmüller, Head of Engineering Solutions at EPLAN, explains: “The full overview of customer and project requirements provides more transparency for all stakeholders involved in machine / system development.” Appropriate rights management ensures that access to the data can be precisely regulated.

Master data available everywhere

Today’s working world is characterized by home working scenarios, and this is where users occasionally come up against system limits: If they can access a project, the corresponding master data that is specified company-wide as a standard for design processes is often missing. EPLAN eMANAGE now offers the exchange of system-relevant master data, which can be easily accessed using the “Pack & Go” principle and, if necessary, taken with you. Project managers can easily provide master data centrally with it. Schreibmüller puts it in a nutshell: «Wherever a user works: All relevant master master data is accessible and does not have to be copied at great expense.»

Downward compatibility ensures access to projects

Version specifications in supplier regulations or tendering texts often present project partners with the challenge of keeping several versions of the EPLAN software productive. The new version of eMANAGE can be used to save projects from the EPLAN Platform 2022, for example in version 2.9, in a downwardly compatible manner. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple versions without violating the contractual components and simplifies the entire workflow in the supplier environment.

More memory for optimal performance

With the free version of eMANAGE, users have previously had free access to 10 gigabytes of storage capacity in the EPLAN Cloud. With the full version, this capacity increases by a further 10 GB, for each “seat” in the company. This means that the additional storage space is available to everyone, and another benefit pays off for companies in terms of performance: the additional storage in the cloud is an active collaboration environment and not just pure storage capacity. This ensures optimal conditions also in global cooperation across national borders. Users of the EPLAN software who use the conversion package as part of the switch to subscription will also automatically receive access to the full version of eMANAGE.


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