Pepperl Fuchs Power Supply

PS1000 Series – Power Supply for Highest Demands

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With the new PS1000 power supplies, Pepperl+Fuchs is completing its product portfolio of intrinsic safety barriers, signal conditioners, and surge protection modules. Tried-and-tested Pepperl+Fuchs quality is now available throughout the control cabinet. Their high efficiency makes the power supplies suitable for all industries and applications that demand especially high reliability and quality. Globally certified for Zone 2/Div. 2 hazardous locations, they serve as ideal solutions for supplying devices inside control cabinets. At the same time, they can be used for a variety of other automation applications—far beyond interface technology.

PS1000 power supplies ensure high plant availability, even in extremely critical application areas. This is made possible by redundant configurations. Besides a 1+1 configuration with two identical power supplies, an N+1 configuration is also available. Connected devices are protected as well: The inrush current is actively limited when the input voltage is applied.

Efficient Design Ensures Long Service Life

Their high efficiency enables the “Peak Output Power” function, which allows switching on heavy loads such as motors and electronic devices. Typically more than 95 % efficiency, a compact design, and low weight result in other major advantages: reduced energy costs, low requirements for cooling and control cabinet space, and a long service life.

Optimizing power supplies of the PS1000 series for the respective application is simple. Their output voltage can be adjusted to compensate for long cable lengths. Inside the control cabinet, it is easy to combine the power modules with other Pepperl+Fuchs products because they are also suitable for DIN-rail mount installations. Their global certification for Zone 2/Div. 2 allows PS1000 power supplies to be used in the field in process automation, saving valuable space in the control room.

Future-Proof Technology and Global Support

PS1000 modules with IO-Link interface are especially future-proof. They can run comprehensive diagnostics and configurations during operation. This potentially increases plant availability and overall reliability even further. Regardless of the version, customers benefit from global service: A local contact person is always available to take care of any concerns you might have—fast and focused.


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