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Industrie Informatik at SPS 21 – cronetworld: New MES technologies for the intelligent factory

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With its usual future-oriented innovative strength, the software manufacturer Industrie Informatik is presenting the expansion from the classic, modular MES to an integrative manufacturing platform. Thanks to highly innovative basic technologies, the new ‘cronetworld’ enables the comprehensive integration of all relevant systems on the shop floor – and beyond.

The well-known strengths of the market-tested modules from cronetwork are expanded by the almost unlimited possibilities of the 360-degree production platform cronetworld. The latter takes on the integrative work and completely networks the relevant components from the shop floor and software level with one another. The basis for this is an open interface and communication level, which enables problem-free connection of peripheral and external systems. But that’s not all. State-of-the-art basic technologies make it possible to call up functions and logics located in the MES from neighboring systems and to use them outside of the direct MES user interface.

Thanks to its release guarantee, Industrie Informatik is the reliable partner in terms of investment security and innovative strength in the MES environment. With cronetworld you get the flexibility you need to adapt your own production flexibly and quickly to the dynamic, digital world and to secure your competitive edge over the long term.


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