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Raspberry Pi based SBC Pi-Tron CM3+ supports CODESYS Automation Software

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Kontron expands its control platform based on the SBC Pi-Tron CM3+ to include CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent software for industrial PLC applications.

The integrated development environment CODESYS for programmable logic controllers (PLC) according to the IEC 61131-3 standards is regarded as the leading, hardware-independent software for application development in industrial automation.

Thanks to its open interfaces and comprehensive security features, CODESYS has distinguished itself as an optimal Industry 4.0 platform and facilitates data exchange between any IIoT networks. The cooling concept is significant for the use of the AL Pi-Tron CM3+ in industrial temperature ranges.

Optimized passive cooling helps avoid performance fluctuations that can occur when the processor frequency is lowered. Pi-Tron CM3+ has various communication interfaces and connections for sensors and actuators and a 24-volt connection that is important for cabinet applications. Only components supported by the community software are used, so that the hassle-free creation of current Raspbian OS versions is guaranteed.

Pi-Tron has been designed to focus primarily on communication functions and is often used as a gateway or data logger. In combination with the multifunctional I/O modules, even complex automation solutions can be implemented.



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