CAD & CAM Eplan

EPLAN schematic generation for Festo Servo drives and motors are now available via EPLAN eBUILD Free

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Festo is an international family-owned company for pneumatic and electrical automation technology based in Esslingen a.N (Germany). The company supplies more than 300,000 customers of factory and process automation in over 35 industries. Approximately 21,000 employees in 61 countries generated a turnover of around €3.07 billion in 2019. With Festo Didactic SE, we are the world market leader in technical training and further education and bring automation technology closer to our customers as well as students and trainees.

Servo drive CMMT-AS/CMMT-ST and servo motor EMMT-AS

Complete drive system, consisting of servo drive and servo motor, with seamless connectivity in hardware and software.

Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS are connected via a one-cable solution and can be put into operation very quickly and easily using the Festo Automation Suite. Servo drive CMMT-ST for low voltages from 24…48 V DC and 150…300 W continuous power – extremely efficient moving and positioning.

  • For point-to-point and interpolating motion with focus on dynamic motion and precise positioning.
  • Complete integration into other third-party control concepts or directly on the control system CPX-E from Festo.
  • Have your drive system up and running in only 5 steps with the initial commissioning wizard.
  • Compact and optimised package design as well as clever 2-sided operating and connection concept ensure low space requirements in the control cabinet.

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