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Modicon M262 from Schneider Electric gets new functions

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API, OPC / UA client-server, CNC application with G-code and configurator – Schneider Electric presents the new functions of its IIoT-capable PLC / motion control Modicon M262 and shows what the future of Industry 4.0 looks like.

Schneider Electric presents a function -Upgrade for its IIoT controller Modicon M262. The use of CNC applications with G-Code opens up modern ways of interacting with their machines for material processing companies. With the help of the powerful device, it is possible to control systems precisely. The Edge Controller is highly networked. That means: Thanks to IIoT integration and connectivity, automation solutions with complex communication structures can be implemented easily, efficiently and securely – from the field to the corporate management level to the cloud.

The functional extensions at a glance: The use of API interfaces offers completely new possibilities. APIs are the key to digitization, they enable interaction between systems, applications and mobile devices. For example, information can now be exchanged with the PLC via messenger and actions can be carried out – even remotely on the move. To expand the motion functionality, it is now possible to call up commands in the G-Code machine language, which can also be used to supplement CNC applications. As an essential component of the open, scalable solution architecture EcoStruxure, Modicon M262 is the ideal IIoT controller for the demands of Industry 4.0.

Precision and communication are in the foreground

Since its market launch in 2019, the Modicon M262 has shown its strengths as an important key element in the Edge Control level of EcoStruxure. With direct and secure cloud connectivity, it is the link between data acquisition and analytics. The use of API interfaces now rounds off the spectrum: With the use of the new Modicon M262, machines become networked components that can be used to communicate directly.

For example, all common messenger services can be used to interact with the machine. Thanks to its link with the Messenger API, the machine can now send OEM and end customers status or error messages, performance data or information on the subscription status of the MaaS contract to any mobile device. The user can also query this data via the Modicon M262 and even operate the machine – all without the need to develop a special app.

Another specific benefit of networking with APIs is the connection to the OEM’s ERP system and / or web shop. The machine can order just-in-time replenishment directly from the customer’s warehouse, as well as order spare parts or consumables from the OEM. The possibility of processing programs written in G code for CNC applications is another innovation. Thanks to the 3D / G code editor with parallel, textual and graphic display as well as DXF import, CNC applications can be implemented easily and effectively.

As a future-oriented edge controller, Modicon M262 supports the manufacturer-independent communication standard OPC UA and acts as both a server and a client. Thanks to the powerful motion control, the Modicon M262 is suitable for robots with up to 3 axes as well as for general motion applications with up to 24 synchronized axes.

Part of EcoStruxure – added value starts with the Modicon M262

All threads of a machine come together at the control. It is therefore important to have a high-performance base that can be individually expanded in line with the EcoStruxure architecture. Once converted to the Modicon M262, all field devices or software applications from Schneider Electric can be networked with it. The result is a holistic IIoT network for which the tech group acts as a full-service provider for all components of industrial automation. Positive effects such as increasing resource efficiency, flexibility and data transparency as well as the additional cloud connection show that the Modicon M262 is an ideal machine control for Industry 4.0.


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