“We Create Digital Transformation” – Sick at SPS 2021

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With the motto “We Create Digital Transformation,” SICK will present a comprehensive range of solutions for industrial digitalization at the SPS Smart Production Solutions 2021 trade fair in Nuremberg from 23 – 25 November. Visitors to the trade fair will have the chance to experience intelligent sensors as pioneers of digitalization and digital services and software solutions based on data from these sensors as well as holistic automation solutions for automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems), robotics, or safety technology at booth 340 in Hall 7A.

The digital transformation is in full swing, and it is opening up a wide range of opportunities for industrialized companies, for instance through networked and highly efficient production processes, new digital business models, or networking of the operational manufacturing level with the IT level. In this context, SICK is able to offer a broad level of support in the area of smart sensors and their data for process optimization, as well as reliable and digital complete solutions for AGV systems and robots.

Smart Sensors from SICK: Ensuring more productivity and better processes

Data creates the foundation for digitalization in industrial environments. It is collected in machines and plants by smart sensors from SICK, then preprocessed into valuable information by special algorithms depending on the task, and finally transmitted. One example of this is actuator diagnostics with the intelligent MPS-G cylinder sensor. In gripping and handling processes, the sensor is able to monitor vibrations, avoid collisions and detect temperature changes that indicate wear or a reduction in gripping force. With intelligent integration, the generated data is made available to higher-level systems, for instance PLCs, MES systems, ERP systems or cloud applications.

This is how the actuator diagnostic data can be used for condition monitoring. It helps to avoid machine downtime and increase the transparency of machine processes. With innovative solutions for vertical integration and industrial connectivity, sensor maintenance via remote service app and the use of artificial intelligence, SICK is constantly finding new uses for smart sensors in applications and integration processes.

Digital industrial automation – smart, safe, secure

The steadily increasing level of automation and digitalization directly results in the implementation of Industry 4.0. With smart solutions, for example with modern sensor and communication technology, SICK is able to retrofit existing machines and plants to prepare them for the digital age. For example, with the TDC-E gateway, it is possible to analyze recorded production data and make it available for networked communication between plants and higher-level systems, such as MES or ERP systems or a cloud. SICK is also comfortable with new applications, such as energy management systems – for instance, it offers the FTMg multifunctional sensor for simultaneous measurement and monitoring of flow, temperature and process pressure of non-corrosive gases in pneumatic systems, including leak monitoring. “Smart” is not always enough; it is often also important that a solution is safe.

This is why, for example, in the area of automated guided vehicle systems and autonomous mobile platforms, SICK is a provider of holistic solutions not only for navigation, positioning, and load handling, but also for safety, such as the outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner. This also applies to robotics: The “one-stop shop” from SICK offers solutions for image processing, robot guidance with vision, gripper monitoring, and positioning and safety technology from a single source. With increasing digitalization in the world of machines and plants, the dangers posed by cyber attacks are also growing. In order to offer a consistently high level of safety in these environments as well, cybersecurity is an integral aspect of SICK solutions, from development throughout the entire life cycle, and is implemented consistently in its products and services.

SICK Smart Services: Transparency and efficiency with digital services and software solutions

Data and information from smart sensors are the foundation of SICK Smart Services. Whether for asset management, production, intralogistics, localization, supply chain management, or quality control, the digital services and software solutions from SICK make even complex manufacturing, handling, or process sequences transparent – and thereby optimizable. Filling Level Monitoring, specially designed for packaging machines, is a digital service that monitors the filling levels of cardboard boxes, liquids, or granulates, no matter who manufactured the machine, aggregates this data and then makes it available with a cloud service, any time and anywhere. This ensures transparency for users as well as smooth production processes.

With the Quality Inspection SensorApp, users know that products comply with the exact requirements after they have been manufactured. 2D cameras from the InspectorP6xx product family provide information on dimensions and presence. Other Smart Services from SICK make it possible to optimize material flows, identify and localize load carriers and products, or intelligently automate rack systems.


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