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Motoman GP8L handling robot for logistics use

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When it comes to logistics, packaging or emptying containers: The Motoman GP8L from Yaskawa is the ideal solution for logistics automation. Its distinguishing features are a slim-design body, good reach and cycle times which can be achieved quickly.
Industrial robots are increasingly being used for tasks in the growing logistics and e-commerce market. For picking unsorted goods (piece picking, reaching into boxes), in conjunction with intelligent image processing systems, slim robot kinematics optimised for speed are required with long arm length and very narrow wrists in order to be able to reach sufficiently deep into containers. The GP8L was developed and optimised for this purpose.

The universal and flexible 6-axle GP8L offers enormous manoeuvrability, a small footprint and a long reach of 1,636 mm. The newly designed model featuring a sufficient payload of 8 kg can be used wherever classic industrial robot manipulators such as the Motoman GP7 or GP12 would either be too short-armed or too bulky.

Extension of the proven Motoman GP series

As an extension of the Motoman GP portfolio, the new Motoman GP8L offers all the benefits of the proven series: «GP» stands for «General Purpose» and thus for a wide range of applications, even under harsh working conditions over many years of 24/7 continuous use. The robot can also work in any installation position without limitations. As the media supply is integrated in the axes, the design of grippers could be optimised ensuring maximum reliability in operation. Its optimally tuned and slim kinematic structure, in combination with state-of-the-art Sigma7 drive technology, enables exceptionally fast cycle times with a high repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm.

The Motoman GP8L can be controlled with either the current YRC1000 robot controller or the YRC1000micro compact controller. Either the classic handheld programming device or the innovative smart counterpart for newcomers to robotics can be used for operation and programming. Or, and this is particularly attractive in logistics automation, you can program the robot directly via PLC function blocks according to the unique Yaskawa MotoLogix concept – and thus integrate the robot seamlessly into the PLC programming environment. Then you no longer require a robot programmer.


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