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SPN at the SPS 2021: special gearboxes in special quality

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From November 23rd to 25th, SPN Schwaben Präzision is available to visitors to SPS 2021 for questions about the development and use of customer-specific drive solutions – with enormous anticipation for the personal exchange!

After last year’s pandemic break, the sales and marketing team of SPN Schwaben Präzision is particularly looking forward to welcoming existing customers and partners, but also newly interested visitors to the «SPS – Smart Production Solutions» at booth 568 in hall 4 this year Welcome to the Nuremberg exhibition center. With all the necessary use of “virtual” communication in the past few months: In personal exchange, the analog variant remains superior to digital means.

From November 23rd to 25th, 2021, we will be available to you with special anticipation and a unique trade fair mission statement for three whole days of the fair for questions, technical or short introductory talks. We will certainly make up for what we missed in the face-to-face exchange of information last year. The highlight of the booth will be the unique custom bike, which is representative of the customer-specific drive solutions from SPN Schwaben Präzision. We ensure unique moments – CUSTOM-MADE by SPN.

Of course, we have not been spared the effects of the pandemic, especially in the automotive and aircraft sectors. However, this had only a minor impact on our concentration on the further development of our components and overall solutions. According to the principle: “During the crisis is after the crisis”, we have carried out further innovation and optimization work on existing and newly developed products.

Which new customer-specific drive solutions would we like to present to our visitors at the booth at this year’s SPS?

For a major machine manufacturer, we have developed a spur gear that is adapted to the specific requirements in the field of flat glass production. Flat glass is manufactured in a single continuous process; the SPN gearbox is designed in such a way that it can be used within the entire conveyor chain. In addition to the universal applicability, the extremely compact transmission is impressive. This enables use directly on the conveyor roller below the glass mass to be transported and, apart from a clamp connection to secure the drive torque, does not require any other components to fix the gear. The newly developed spur gear is fully protected against the ingress of glass dust and is designed for a service life of 130.000 operating hours a real endurance specialist!

The SPN traction and steering drive was also developed in 2020 for transport and funding purposes in the production area – in this case for the special requirements of controlling “Automated Guided Vehicles” (AGVs). The planning and development of the travel drive were primarily geared towards the required high level of precision of its driving properties, in particular with regard to the autonomous control and positioning of the transported goods. The aim here is – also taking into account slight inclines or bumps – to position the transported components at their destination true to the coordinates. Similar to the helical gear unit for glass production, the design has been kept extremely compact here, as loads can also be transported on very narrow pallets in this way.

If the spur gear and travel drive make the corresponding conveyor and transport systems «legs», the precision gear that SPN developed for a world-renowned robotics manufacturer is more geared towards its manual functions. With the flexibility of the SPN drive and steering drive, the range of applications for robot arms can be significantly expanded. The transmission input consists of three drive shafts that can be connected directly to the motor during assembly. These individual gear stages can be adjusted without play, since even small vibrations or fluctuations in synchronism can impair the production quality during operation. The drive construction was equipped with a hollow shaft with a 70 mm channel,so that process-relevant media can be routed to the applicator attached to the gearbox output without any problems.


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