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CloudRail opens up to any edge gateway devices at SPS 2021

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Since its founding in 2018, CloudRail has become a market leader in connecting factories to the cloud for large Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects. The Mannheim-based company now has strong partnerships with the two largest cloud providers, AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as numerous leading system integrators such as Capgemini, BearingPoint, Bechtle, and many more. Customers such as Safran Group, NSG or Amazon, use CloudRail to implement IIoT projects significantly faster and operate them securely in the long term.

So far, this has been achieved by combining an edge gateway (the «CloudRail.Box»), which is distributed by IFM among others, with a central management cloud (the «CloudRail.DMC») as well as the customer’s respective cloud such as AWS or Azure.

At this year’s SPS, CloudRail is now showing a new product called «CloudRail.OS», which no longer necessarily requires CloudRail’s Edge Gateway. Instead, customers can use suitable hardware from any edge gateway provider or run CloudRail virtualized in their own data center.

«The CloudRail.Box has changed the entire industry with its simplicity. Instead of taking weeks or months to connect a machine, our customers can do it in a matter of hours,» said Felix Kollmar, CEO of CloudRail. «However, with the increasing relevance of edge computing, especially in the context of machine learning, our hardware reached its limits. With CloudRail.OS, we solve this dependency and enable customers to freely choose suitable hardware resources.»

With CloudRail.OS, customers can thus not only rely on high-performance hardware, but also on devices suitable for their use case with, for example, with cellular interfaces or a higher protection class. Central, virtual instances in the data center that provide the connectivity for an entire factory without dedicated edge hardware are also conceivable.

Despite the newfound flexibility, CloudRail also continues to focus on ease of entry with its previous all-in-one solution.

«The CloudRail.Box will of course continue to be offered and also represents a very important component in our portfolio. Especially for pure data acquisition and simple pre-processing, the device is perfect,» says Kollmar.

At SPS 2021, CloudRail will show a pre-version of CloudRail.OS, which is also already being tested by several customers in real environments. The company plans general availability in Q1 2022.

In Hall 5 at Stand 248, CloudRail will be exhibiting together with cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, management consultancy Bearingpoint and system houses Bechtle and ACP. With this booth concept, customers can be offered a complete solution from sensor, to cloud, to business application including the corresponding strategy.


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