Siemens virtual event – New products, services, and solutions from the Digital Enterprise

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In line with the motto “Infinite opportunities from infinite data”, Siemens has organized its own virtual event within the scope of the SPS trade fair: It is the ideal setting to present new products, services, and solutions from its Digital Enterprise portfolio which enable customers from the manufacturing and process industries to respond to ever more rapidly changing market requirements and general conditions. To make this happen, Siemens combines the real and digital worlds. Industrial enterprises can thus leverage the benefits of automation, electrification and digitalization in order to act both flexibly and sustainably while at the same time making extensive use of the data generated.

Interested parties can register for the virtual event, enabling them to discover the topics in a virtual 3D showroom and join the dialog to extend their knowledge. The innovations and highlights on display include: the connection of drives to the Siemens Industrial Edge platform, an industrial 5G router for the control cabinet, as well as a software solution for the simulation of drives. In addition to new spare part management services and solutions and a B2B marketplace for industrial companies, we present an ecosystem-based approach for the exchange of emission data.

In light of the fact that the supply chain accounts for the largest share of the ecological footprint of products, the decarbonization of industry is a challenge which must be tackled by all the stakeholders together. As a leading provider of automation technology and industry software, Siemens has launched an all-new solution for the efficient query, calculation, and transfer of information on the actual Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). SiGreen now makes it possible to exchange emission data along the supply chain and combine it with data from a company’s own value creation in order to obtain a product’s true carbon footprint. To achieve this, Siemens has initiated the open, cross-industry Estainium network with the aim of enabling manufacturers, suppliers, customers and partners to exchange trustworthy PCF data. With SiGreen supporting companies in tracking their Product Carbon Footprint, they can take targeted reduction measures providing a quantifiable effect. CO2 management supports companies on their way towards carbon neutral production and helps them to transform sustainability into a decisive competitive edge.

In the Siemens Industrial Edge sector, the company has established an independent, cross-manufacturer marketplace for industry customers. The marketplace serves as a transaction mechanism for Siemens Industrial Edge: an innovative IT platform which enables the scalable deployment of IT technologies on the shopfloor in a production environment. In addition to the Siemens Edge apps for the discrete and machine tool industries, third-party providers such as Braincube, Cybus, SeioTec and Tosibox have already started to list their products and services on the marketplace. Customers thus benefit from a broad range of software components, offered by numerous providers and manufacturers, which they can integrate into their manufacturing processes in a standardized manner. Today, the multifaceted offering already ranges from connectivity, data storage, visualization and analysis right up to machine monitoring, as well as energy and asset management. As an open software platform, Industrial Edge thus provides the ideal basis for creating an Edge Computing ecosystem.

The Industrial Edge portfolio is also growing on the hardware side. The Simatic IPC427E industrial PC with a pre-installed Google Coral AI accelerator card based on the latest-generation processor technology comes as a Microbox PC: the ideal platform for Industrial Edge and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

In the field of drive technology, Siemens demonstrates that the integration of drives into a consistent digitalization approach is of critial importance. With its DriveSimBasic, the company has launched a software solution for the simulation, adaptation and optimization of drive constellations and their behavior in both machines and plants. This innovative solution designed by Siemens makes it quick and easy for machine and plant manufacturers to get started with drive technology simulation and thus accelerate their development phase. Thanks to Analyze MyDrives Edge, drives can now also be connected to the Industrial Edge platform in order to analyze their data almost in real time.

Industrial communication and networks, identification and localization form the basis for the digitization of industry. With its Scalance MUM853-1, Siemens is presenting an industrial 5G router for the control cabinet for the first time at the virtual event. The device connects local industrial applications to public 5G, 4G (LTE), and 3G (UMTS) mobile wireless networks. The router can be used to remotely monitor and service plants, machines, control elements, and other industrial devices via a public 5G network – with the utmost flexibility and high data rates. In addition, the device can be integrated into private 5G networks. The Scalance MUM856-1 thus supports future-oriented applications such as mobile robots in manufacturing, autonomous vehicles in logistics, and augmented reality applications for service technicians.

Operators of large corporate networks are increasingly faced with the challenge of remotely intervening into production while taking consistent OT and IT security guidelines into account. To ensure that the OT-IT integration does not expose the communication network to an increased threat potential, the «Defense-in-Depth» OT security concept has been expanded with the «Zero Trust» IT security concept in order to implement a granular access concept. Siemens and Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the leader in cloud security, are partnering to enable customers to securely access Operational Technology (OT) systems and applications in the production network from the workplace – whether working at the office or remotely. These new capabilities enable users to remotely manage and control quality assurance or diagnose issues. In addition, the production requirements in terms of availability and real-time capabilities continue to be fulfilled. To make this happen, the app connector for the cloud-based remote access service Zscaler Private AccessTM (ZPATM.) is installed on a Docker container on the Siemens Scalance LPE local processing platform, thus creating an access solution for industrial environments.

Siemens Digital Enterprise Services combine experts, conventional services and future-oriented technologies. The result is a unique overall package which supports companies from all industries on their both successful and secure digital transformation journey. At its virtual event, Siemens presents a dedicated service solution for the predictive maintenance of spare parts inventories: Predictive Services for Spare Parts. Digital and efficient spare part management, as well as comprehensive analyses of historical spare part logistics data and detailed obsolescence management, support users in enhancing the availability of plants and reducing storage costs – while at the same time optimizing their spare parts inventory and ensuring that it is up to date at all times.


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