Motoman GP Shelftype-Series

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With the Motoman GP-Shelftype series, yaskawa demonstrate his claim to offer a full range of robot models for every application. The portfolio now includes five Shelftype robot models with extended downward reach, e.g. for elevated placement on steel structures. This arrangement saves valuable floor space underneath the robot for workpiece fixtures, tooling changeovers and conveyors.

In addition to the classic Shelftype robot models Motoman GP165R and GP200R, mainly known from car production (Body-in-White Framing and Press Transfer lines), Yaskawa portfolio now includes special models an impressive reach of more than 4 metres (GP120RL) or with particularly high payloads of up to 400 kg (GP300R, GP400R). In view of these impressive specifications, those robots still provide high stability, slim design and reasonably low manipulator weight.

Motoman Shelftype robots are designed for elevated mounting positions – the manipulators can work below their installation level. In combination with tracks or gantries, it is possible to realize machine loading solutions with large operating ranges, e.g. multi-machine loading systems over large distances. The valuable installation space below the robot remains free for large machines (e.g. CNC machining and cutting machines, injection moulding machines), tools or conveyor systems that cannot be recessed below floor level.

Like all GP series robot models, Motoman Shelftype robots are controlled by the compact high-performance MOTOMAN YRC1000 controller. This provides a variety of important functions for integration, which provides a full set of functions, safety, integration and communication options.

Another very interesting option is the possibility of programming the robots directly and seamlessly via integrated PLC function blocks in common PLC programming environments – specialized robot programmers are no longer required for programming and commissioning.

One of the early adopters is Yaskawa customer Heinrich Georg GmbH, a machine builder and system integrator (Kreuztal/Germany), using our Shelftype robots for stacking large sheet metal components needed for the production of electric transformer cores.


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