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Smart bearingless incremental encoder with IO-Link

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Electrical and mechanical integration of encoders has become much easier and more economically viable. The new bearingless encoder EB200E from Baumer is proving this right. It integrates on any axis in a compact way and does not require any modification effort in terms of mechanics.

It is the first smart bearingless incremental encoder with IO-Link on the market. The interface cuts down on costs and cabling effort; and a speed monitoring function adopts the functionality of additional hardware components.

The IO-Link interface allows for up to 8 encoders to be connected to an IO-Link master by cost-effective standard cables. This way, EB200E opens up completely new areas of application: Encoder parameterization is via IO-Link. This interface enables parameterization of two switching outputs to act as a speed monitor for overspeed, speed range, standstill or direction of rotation. Furthermore, EB200E also delivers conventional HTL signals.

With a shallow installation depth of 12 mm and flexible shaft diameters, the bearingless encoder integrates into the machine design in a space-saving way. Thanks to non-contact sensing between sensor head and magnet ring, the encoder endures dirt, shock or vibration. Also the new Baumer Sensor Suite supports plant engineers as convenient PC tool for intuitive parameterization and data visualization.


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