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7th axis from igus expands the work area by up to 400 percent

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Articulated arm robots move over six meters and thus quadruple their workspace: the 7th axis, which igus offers for this job, is now compatible with all lightweight articulated arm robots worldwide thanks to a simple plug & play kit. So far, models from Universal Robots, Epson and the robolink series from igus have benefited from this increased mobility. Now Omron, Franka Emika, Doosan, Yuanda Robotics and many other suppliers of lightweight robotics are also joining.

The first users of the so-called 7th axis, a linear axis with an electric toothed belt drive that igus brought onto the market in summer 2020, were enthusiastic, according to Alexander Mühlens: «Suddenly, thanks to the additional axis, your articulated arm robots are as mobile as humans. As a result, you are able to take on several tasks in automation environments and are significantly more productive, ”says the head of automation technology at igus. “We have therefore decided to extend the system’s compatibility to all manufacturers worldwide – such as Omron, Franka Emika, Doosan and Yuanda Robotics. We make the adaptation possible with a suitable plug & play kit consisting of hardware and software. ”

Ready-to-connect complete solution for all lightweight articulated arm robots

In the future, all lightweight articulated arm robots with a weight range of 10 to 50 kilograms or, depending on the dynamics, a payload of 2 to 20 kilograms can use the 7th axis. igus delivers the system as a complete, ready-to-connect solution from a single source. It consists of a toothed belt axis of up to six meters in length from the drylin ZLW series with two parallel rails made of aluminum that can be attached to the floor, walls or ceilings and a toothed belt drive with stepper motor for a positioning accuracy of 0.3 millimeters.

Also included is an energy chain for routing energy and data cables, a control cabinet integration kit with cables, motor controller and the respective software solution, as well as a slide with the adapter plate, which igus adapts to the geometry of thousands of articulated arm robots.All components are perfectly coordinated so that users can quickly put the system into operation without expensive construction and coordination efforts and benefit from the new mobility.

Save operating costs: the 7th axis is lubrication and maintenance-free.

Users save time and money not only when planning and purchasing the 7th axis, but also during operation. Because the system works maintenance-free. The reason: The carriages move on the aluminum rails with the help of drylin linear technology. The high-performance plastic of the bearings enables low-friction and maintenance-free dry running – relubrication is not required. The absence of lubricants also makes the system hygienic, as lubricating oil is a real dirt magnet. As a stainless steel variant with FDA-compliant components, the linear guide is therefore ideally suited for sectors such as the food industry.


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