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New DC / DC converter from PULS

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The new DC / DC converter CD10.242 from PULS converts a DC 48V input voltage into a potential-free, stabilized and galvanically separated SELV / PELV output voltage of DC 24V.

The CD10.242 has an output of 240W (DC 48V to DC 24V, 10A) and can be mounted on the DIN rail. The efficiency of 94% proves the high energy efficiency of the converter and enables a slim design with a width of 42mm . This saves energy costs and frees up more space in the application.

At the same time, the CD10.242 offers power reserves of 20%that can be used permanently at ambient temperatures of up to + 45 ° C. If a higher total output is required, several CD10 units can be connected in parallel. For this application, the devices have a mode for parallel operation that enables efficient load distribution.

A DC-OK-LED and a signal contact inform the maintenance team about the condition of the device at any time.

This DC / DC converter is suitable for almost every application. This is ensured by high immunity to transients and overvoltages as well as low electromagnetic radiation.



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