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New Han® solutions focus on modularisation and miniaturisation

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Technological progress and developments in industry are being significantly shaped by the ongoing miniaturisation and modularisation trends – meaning that new solutions and products will always be demanded here. The HARTING Technology Group has new modular and miniaturised solutions at hand – and ready for action in the «heavy» industrial connector sector.

HARTING has developed a new format for the Han® B standard: The Han® L32 B upgrades flexibility when selecting the right rectangular connector for industrial applications. Thanks to the new format, users can replace two size 16 B interfaces and thereby save over 40% installation space. True to the motto of «less is more», the transmission of power, signals and data is now possible with a smaller number of interfaces and fewer components, while the time required for the assembly of the interfaces is reduced. Many applications, for example in robotics, also benefit from the lower weight that results from these reductions. All these factors deliver added value for customers.

A Han® L32 B enclosure provides space for a Han E® insulating body with 32 contact points (16 A/500 V) or for a Han-Modular® articulated frame which can accommodate up to eight modules. Consequently, the new size not only offers space for the articulated frame with the most module slots, but also enables the highest module density ever in a Han® connector. Drawing on the large number of available Han-Modular® modules, users can put together the perfect interface for virtually any application.

Saving installation space – HARTING modules featuring new shield transmission options

The M12 format is a new addition to the Han-Modular® programme. Two of these connectors, X- or D-coded, fit into each module. This allows 10 Gbit/s Ethernet, for example, to be integrated into a modular interface in a particularly space-saving manner. By comparison with conventional RJ45 solutions, the new M12 interface from HARTING is significantly more robust. All common bus systems can be easily adapted accordingly, including Profibus, Profinet, CAN, Ethernet Cat. 5 and Cat. 6*

The Han® Shielded Power Module forms a space-saving and easy-to-maintain alternative to hard-wired shielded power cables. The module comes equipped with three power contacts (16 A/400 V) and is suitable for connecting frequency-controlled drives, for example. Moreover, a new EMC-protected module for signal transmission is now also available: With a large-area shield transfer and a 360° shielding plate, the Han® Shielded Module Basic not only ensures good shielding, but also enables high transmission performance in a compact installation space. Consequently, up to 27 shielded D-Sub contacts with 4 A/32 V can be plugged in.


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