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Optimized LÜTZE SUPERFLEX servo and control cable range

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The 90 °C control cables with a PUR jacket for 300 V and 1000 V rated voltage, are new products in the LÜTZE portfolio. Also, the servo motor cables that were optimized for use in Siemens® and Bosch-Rexroth® systems are also specified for a higher temperature range.

The new LÜTZE SUPERFLEX cables have two specific benefits. They not only allow the use of higher-quality materials and a higher power load capacity without changing the cross-section, they also allow the cables to be used for 90 °C applications acc. to the US standards of the NEC and NFPA 79 thanks to the higher UL approvals. NFPA 79 stands for ‘National Fire Protection Association’ and is the equivalent to the European Norm EN 60204-1. The effect is particularly noticeable between 1 and 2.5 mm² that corresponds to the AWG equivalents AWG18 – AWG14.

As the material now allows 90 °C instead of the 75 °C defined in the NFPA 79, it is possible to increase the power load capacity by 100 % from 7 to 14 A e.g. when using a cable diameter AWG18. This example clearly shows that the higher temperature range allows higher currents to be transmitted. This means more operational safety for users.

The new LÜTZE SUPERFLEX cables are ideal for highly flexible applications in drag chains and also allow torsion of 60 °/m for unshielded cables and 30 °/m for shielded cables.

The benefits mentioned above also go hand-in-hand with economic benefits. Depending on the specified amperage range, customers now have the option to use smaller cable cross-sections for their applications. This reduces material input costs and also saves space in the drag chain or allows the use of smaller drag chain.


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