ESA develop LUMIA 108 handheld, a completely mobile device

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With the decentralization of production in Industry 4.0, there is a growing need for smart devices suitable for an increasingly dynamic manufacturing context. The confluence of technological developments such as digitalization and the Internet of Things leads to new ways to control, connect, and manage production devices. It becomes possible to develop solutions capable of giving full control and monitoring without being physically in front of the machinery.

With this in mind, ESA has developed LUMIA108 handheld, a completely mobile device. Available in the two versions Landscape and Portrait, it is the ideal solution for controlling and displaying your machines in an intuitive, immediate and dynamic way.

ESA LUMIA108 Handheld: advantages and features

LUMIA Hand Held is a rugged and mobile device with cable or Wi-Fi connection for monitoring and control of any industrial application, including CNC, robotics, packaging, and machines for steel, wood, plastic and rubber processing.

Thanks to the possibility to choose between Landscape and Portrait, it guarantees the ideal visualization in any context. In addition, it features a wide range of buttons and membrane keys so that users can select the ideal solution for their application requirements.

Among the main advantages offered by LUMIA108:

  • Flexibility: with KREO HMI it is possible to program the user interface, the communication drivers, and the functionality of the integrated membrane keys.
  • Power: superior user interface performance and real-time control thanks to the powerful hardware platform based on a 6 core Cortex processor and Linux embedded operating system.
  • Connectivity: possibility to choose between integrated cable for serial communication, Ethernet and real-time field bus (Ethercat) and secure Wi-Fi connection for wireless data exchange.
  • Operativity: the upper part of the device houses from two to 3 slots for the integration of mechanical control elements such as: Joystick, Power switch, Emergency button, Pulse generator switch
  • Safety: maximum safety for operator and machinery thanks to the 3-stage enabling switch and the emergency stop button.
  • Robustness: Rugged design that is fail-safe and resistant to shocks, dust and liquids. Ideal for use in any industrial environment.

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