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World’s first three-axis servo with PROFINET IRT

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KeDrive D3 from KEBA is one of the most compact multi-axis drive systems with integrated safety technology. The one to three-axis drive modules are now also available with PROFINET IRT including safe PROFIsafe communication.

In the PROFINET world, KeDrive D3 includes the world’s first three-axis servo module. The wide range of application classes and telegrams of the PROFIdrive profile also enable isochronous multi-axis movements for complex processing machines with PROFINET IRT.

KeDrive D3 is open for networking different components. PROFINET IRT but also EtherCAT allow profile-compliant (PROFIdrive, CoE) network integration. PROFIsafe or FSoE guarantee secure data exchange.

Extremely compact one to three-axis drive modules with rated currents of 1.5 A – 250 A reduce the space in the control cabinet by up to 75% compared to classic single axes. The active or passive supply units from 10 kW – 140 kW also contribute to this.

The integrated functional safety technology, certified according to PL e (Cat 4) and SIL 3, is widely scalable. Individual safe axes are just as possible as complete machine safety solutions.

KeDrive D3 proves its flexibility with the motor and encoder interfaces. Cost-saving single-cable solutions are possible in parallel to the operation of classic encoders such as resolvers, EnDat or SinCos encoders. Third-party motors can be operated just as quickly as the versatile KEBA servomotors.

KeDrive D3 optimizes the machine’s “green fingerprint”. For this purpose, regulated energy storage systems are integrated. The storage of large amounts of regenerative energy or the reduction of peak loads reduce costs in operation and system assembly. Compensation for sporadic power failures also increases the availability of the machine.

As a modular all-in-one system, it can be configured in a user-friendly and time-saving manner with a modern tool suite. Modern technology, high economic efficiency and maximum availability are typical features.

Together with the KeDrive D3 controls available in the same form factor, KEBA is your partner for machine automation from a single source.


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