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First solid state relay with IO-Link output

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The new GRP-H from GEFRAN is the first single-phase semiconductor relay with digital IO-Link protocol. The GRP-H series is a further development of the GRS-H series, which belongs to the innovative GR platform of solid state relays (SSRs). In addition to extended functions for monitoring electrical resistances, the SSR also offers highly developed diagnostic tools for the early detection of partial load interruptions.

«The GRP-H are the first semiconductor relays with an architecture based on the IO-Link standard», says Paolo Buzzi, Marketing Manager Controllers & Power Controllers at GEFRAN. “They are characterized by a robust, ultra-compact design and a high degree of modularity as well as a wide current range from 15A … 120A.

The IO-Link protocol enables the integration of the GRP-H semiconductor relays in automation environments as well as extensive data exchange from e.g. B. operating hours or current or temperature peaks. This makes the solid state relays ideal for predictive maintenance and simple, fail-safe wiring. The load monitoring of the GRP-H relays also records partial load interruptions with a resolution of up to 1/8 of the total load. This sensitivity is particularly relevant in packaging technology, since temperatures play a major role there. Designed for linear and non-linear ohmic resistances, the GRP-H semiconductor relays from GEFRAN can handle all operating modes: zero crossing, burst pulse operation, half-waves and phase control.Another characteristic feature of this series of relays is the soft start function for heating elements that react very sensitively in the preheating phase, e.g. B. Infrared lamps.

The new relay series can be configured quickly and easily using the NFC app (Android + iOS) – even in the field. In addition, the app also simplifies possible maintenance work because it can read out the configuration of the relays and automatically send the data to the service department. New configurations can then simply be uploaded to the relays via the app – wirelessly and without a PC. In this way, one and the same configuration can be transferred to many different GRP-H relays without errors.

«The market launch of the GRP-H series is an important step for us on the way to developing a scalable solid-state relay program,» says Paolo Buzzi. «The platform will be expanded further in 2022 and impressively confirms our role as a key player in industrial automation thanks to the modular, complete range and the high level of communication achieved with IO-Link, which guarantees a secure connection to networks in automation technology.»


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