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New Transtecno BB series right-angle gear drive

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The gear drives from the BB series are right-angle gear drives that have been designed and built for those applications requiring compact size and flexibility as well as excellent performance.

These are gear drives typically used on automatic machines in place of straight bevel gears, usually free from heat treatment and often protected by casing.

Compact size and full protection

Spiral bevel gears with case-hardening heat treatment in the gear drives offer the same meshing performance but with a substantial reduction in the dimensions of the gears themselves.

This reduction has made it possible to create an aluminium casing with extremely compact dimensions to offer full and total protection of the gears in terms of safety and against contamination from external elements. This means that protective casing and mesh support components are no longer necessary.

The casing has two quick and easy fastening solutions to offer the maximum flexibility when building the machine. There are four threaded holes (M5) on two opposite faces and three Ø5.5 through holes, spot faced for hexagon socket head cap screws. This solution means that there is no fastening that projects from the gear drive, for a “cleaner”, more compact solution.

Lubrication and different coupling solutions

The use of casing, together with Nilos rings, means excellent and lasting meshing lubrication, removing the need for regular maintenance required to service the mesh.

The flexibility of this series requires the use of two shaft coupling solutions: solid input and output shafts, Ø14×30 or hollow input shaft Ø14×16 and Ø14×71 (through) output shaft.


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