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FBPS 600i Safe with just one sensor

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Leuze launches the world’s first safety barcode positioning system: With the FBPS 600i, a single device is sufficient for safe position detection.

Previously, system manufacturers had to rely on two sensors and two diverse technologies for position detection, but this is now much easier: The new FBPS 600i safety barcode positioning system from Leuze makes it possible to reliably detect the position with just one sensor. The FBPS 600i is connected to a safe evaluation unit via two SSI interfaces and is suitable for applications up to performance level e.

Easily implement security functions

In intralogistics, the following applies: Storage and retrieval machines and transverse transfer vehicles must not endanger employees. Positions and speeds must be monitored during maintenance work or when the car is manned. Until now, system manufacturers had to use a redundant structure with two sensors in order to achieve performance level d. With the new security barcode positioning system FBPS 600i, a single sensor is sufficient for this, which also already meets the requirements for performance level e.

This makes it particularly easy to implement safety functions. The connection is made via two SSI interfaces to a safe connection unit, for example to a frequency converter. In addition, the FBPS 600i saves space in the system and the installation effort is significantly reduced.

Ideal for fast movements

The FBPS 600i impresses with an error response time of just ten milliseconds. This makes it particularly suitable for detecting the position of fast movements. Important parameters such as speed curves and throughput can be optimized in this way. The sensor’s large working range of 50 to 170 millimeters also enables flexible integration into different systems.

Reliable in operation

The new security barcode positioning system is installed on the storage and retrieval device or transfer car. A barcode tape is attached to the opposite shelf. When developing the FBPS 600i, the Sensor People at Leuze placed great value on maximum reliability: the reads with every scan

FBPS 600i several codes of the strip, from which the software determines highly precise position values. The sensor scans the code at various points due to the slanted course of the scanning beam and the movement of the carriage. This avoids reading errors caused by local dirt or damage. The self-adhesive barcode tape optimized for industrial use also contributes to smooth operation: it is UV-resistant, extremely durable and mechanically resilient. The printed position values ​​are also easy to read and simplify handling.

Mounts quickly

The well thought-out fastening concept with a quick-change device enables easy assembly of the FBPS 600i. The device can be securely fastened with an easily accessible screw on the clamp bracket – this saves time during assembly


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