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CTU – Cobot Transport Unit from Rollon

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Rollon has expanded its expertise in the field of universal robots and now offers a standalone all-in-one package for the popular cobots. With the UR+-certified linear axes, which are individually configurable and easy to operate, Rollon takes automation to a new level.

Simple, fast and economical: installing the 7th axisfor UR robots is easier than ever thanks to Rollon. Universal Robots’ lightweight robots are given full flexibility with Rollon’s simple plug-and-play solution. The UR+-certified linear axes are characterized by high system rigidity, payload, travel speed and positioning accuracy and are perfectly matched to the different models from Universal Robots in terms of size and performance.

It is usually tedious to convert a UR robot to a linear axis, since both the axis design and the selection and adaptation of the controller and the gearbox require technical know-how and sophisticated software programming. This is different with the CTU – Cobot Transport Unit, with which Rollon makes the popular robots from Denmark mobile: It consists of a configurable linear axis, a control cabinet and the software component for URCaps and convinces with simple commissioning and operation. Programming knowledge is also not required. For the first time, Rollon is now offering the package from a single source.

The right axis for every cobot

With the UR+-certified linear axes from Rollon, users can use their UR robots even more efficiently and flexibly, be it in handling, palletizing, machine loading or intralogistics. The available linear axes are each matched to the UR robot. They all have a robust structure made from an extruded, anodised aluminum profile. The driving force is transmitted by a steel-reinforced polyurethane toothed belt. The UR robot moves on two parallel profile rail guides with a total of four carriages that support all loads and moments that occur. The ball-guided systems ensure a high load capacity and resilience and also score points with low-maintenance operation, low noise levels and a long service life.


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