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New Cobot HC DTP series: Plug&play for easy integration

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With the new plug&play cobot series HC DTP, Yaskawa simplifies the commissioning of simple cobot installations further. The adapter flange and the internal media routing options have been adapted to various common cobot tools and grippers on the cobot market. Simultaneously, Yaskawa offers a new marketplace for plug&play and compatible accessories. Web-based support systems, such as the „online application builder” and “e-tutorials,” further assist. End users, especially those new to robot automation, are empowered to install robot applications in a fast and safe way.

With the MOTOMAN DTP series (P for Plug&Play), Yaskawa equips its entire HC cobot series with an adapter flange that has become the quasi-standard in the cobot world to mechanically connect peripherals such as grippers easily. Yaskawa robots have the advantage that the media (ethernet, I/O, and air) are routed internally, making external cabling obsolete. Each cobot model has handy operating buttons at the wrist to facilitate robot teaching via hand guiding instead of manually confirming each position on the teach pendant. By optimizing the cable harness, the operating areas of the single axis have been further extended to increase the cobot’s application flexibility. The proven portfolio consisting of the MOTOMAN HC10 (10 kg payload and 1379 mm reach) and the MOTOMAN HC20 (20 kg payload and 1900 mm reach) with different product variants remains:

  • The basic model HC10DTP Classic
  • The HC10DTP with IP67 protection class and food-grade grease
  • The HC10DTFP with a powder-coated surface, IP67, and food-grade grade
  • And the HC20DTP with IP67 and food-grade grease.

Fast-growing partner product ecosystem

Aligned with the plug&play philosophy, Yaskawa launches its own ecosystem partner product program: an available online network of various accessories and turnkey systems. Besides own Yaskawa products, such as servo drives, linear axis, or software packages, 3rd party partner products are listed. The main focus lies on the plug&play packages that come as a package with complete mechanical, electrical, and software-based integration for easy integration. Additionally, compatible products are listed. More than 80 products are already included for the launch, increasing every day. This way, end users can configure their individual plug&play cobot solution with ease.

Cobot Palletizing and Cobot Welding

The new and smart HC DTP cobot series is particularly suitable for palletizing and welding applications. The specifications of the MOTOMAN HC20DTP with 20 kg payload, 1900 mm reach, and the high IP67 protection position this model uniquely in the cobot market and make this cobot particularly suitable for fenceless palletizing applications. With a variety of peripherals and the respective “palletizing application package,” integrating this cobot becomes easier than ever before. Additionally, smart palletizing software on both pendants facilitates the creation of palletizing patterns.

With decades of robotic welding experience, Yaskawa introduces professional welding quality to the world of small and medium-sized companies that are welding manually and want to get their first experience with cobot welding. The MOTOMAN HC10DTP with IP67 is well protected against welding spatters and, therefore, the ideal cobot welder. Hand guiding and the intuitive welding wizard software enable robot beginners to program their first welding job easily. This cobot is available as a single robot for individual integration or as a turnkey, CE-marked welding station (Weld4Me CE). This station consists of the cobot, the MOTOMAN YRC1000 controller with functional safety unit (FSU), welding table, glare shield, and further optional components such as a fume extraction. The complete welding kit, consisting of power source, cable package, wire feeder, and welding torch, is available from i.e. Lorch, Fronius, or Esab. The cell is CE marked and considers the requirements on human-robot collaboration in the risk assessment. The current collaboration mode is visualized in the cell’s posts.

Online Services for the easy entrance into robotics

With the new cobot website launch under HC Cobots – your new work assistant (, Yaskawa strengthens its online service portfolio for end users. The new e-tutorials provide a comprehensive overview of the easy programming and configuration of the cobots in typical cobot applications. Cobot solutions, such as material handling or welding, are presented regarding installation, programming, and safety configuration on the Teach and Smart Pendant. Further application-specific tutorials are in the pipeline to facilitate the end user’s entrance into easy robotics. First cell layout concepts for palletizing and welding applications can be configured and visualized with the online application builder to get a first impression of the cobot solution.


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