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SIMATIC S7-1500 Palletize Pattern Generator

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The library SIMATIC LPallPatt (Palletize Pattern Generator) provides functionalities to create pallet patterns for homogenous cuboid products. Resulting from the pattern generation a point table is provided. It defines the place positions of the products on a pallet, on a slip-sheet or in a container.

The library LPallPatt helps the user to create pallet patterns quickly for different products and pallets. Instead of programming, teaching or defining the palletizing point table manually, the FB “LPallPatt_PatternGenerator” generates the palletizing point table automatically. LPallPatt also contains an HMI, which enables the user to carry out the configuration and to check the generated pallet pattern with the integrated visualization.

The following benefits are provided with this library:

  • Fast generation of a point table for palletizing processes for configurable product and pallet dimensions
  • Calculation of separator layers
  • Layer mirroring and cuboid pattern creation for increased stability
  • Different pattern types selectable
  • HMI configuration, generation and visualization of the pattern result and the palletizing order
  • Manual post-editing of the generated points on the HMI
  • Application example project with integration and usage of the standard application LKinCtrl for palletizing with kinematics

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