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Send data quickly to the cloud with IoTmaxx gateways

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The power of the innovative, cloud-based digitization platform SYMESTIC can now be used with the versatile IoTmaxx mobile radio gateways . Installation and commissioning take place out-of-the-box within a very short time and users can already benefit from the advantages of the latest IoT technologies: strong connectivity functions for systems and machines as well as flexible IoT applications that can be used productively immediately.

The IoTmaxx gateways can be connected to the SYMESTIC IoT platform within a very short implementation time and then grant access to a library of digitization applications that can be used immediately, and all without special IT knowledge. The cloud-based system runs as software-as-a-service on a monthly basis and offers IoT and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) apps that can be used as needed. The application data is transformed in the IoT hub to the information and representations desired by the user.

Examples are the monitoring and monitoring of key figures (OEE, MTB, MTBR), systems, downtimes and energy consumption or the maintenance status of systems and devices. Added to this are set-up time optimisation, reporting services, quality control and remote notification and alarm services. Order control and shop floor management in production companies can also be mapped in the cloud using SYMESTIC.

Full connectivity for secure access

SYMESTIC in conjunction with IoTmaxx gateways enables simple plug-and-play acquisition of states via digital signals or comprehensive OPC UA data acquisition, as required for condition monitoring, alarming or process values ​​for a Data Lake is applied.

The hardware of the IoTmaxx GW4102 gateway is used in conjunction with the SYMESTIC Smart IoT service for wired connection of sensors and systems via a DI interface. The freely configurable events are thus automatically and securely transmitted to the SYMESTIC IoT hub via mobile communications or the user network.

The hardware of the IoTmaxx GW4100 gateway is used in conjunction with the SYMESTIC Smart Edge service and the integrated OPC UA client to use the OPC UA connectivity for system or machine connection via the OPC industry standard. The configured data (events, process values, alarms, etc.) of a controller can also be pre-processed on the edge device and then transferred.


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