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Olis Robotics Receives UR+ Certification for Operation of Universal Robots through Web Browsers

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Olis® Connect is the first plug and play product for remote monitoring and teleoperation of industrial robot arms. It can move a majority of a robot operator’s work online thanks to real-time video feeds, video-based email notifications and the ability to manually drive the robot directly in the browser. “The timing of Olis Connect is perfect. Given crushing labor shortages combined with concerns about resiliency and scalability of supply chains, the opportunity for a product like ours is excellent” according to Fredrik Ryden, CEO of Olis Robotics. The Olis Connect system is now part of the UR+ program that tests and certifies products for seamless use with cobots from Universal Robots.

Chris Savoia, UR+ Manager at Universal Robots, welcomes Olis Connect into the UR+ product portfolio: “The hardest part of most robotic automation projects is the last 10 centimeters, right before the robot interacts with the workpiece. This is where you need the most precision, the most special tooling, the most likely place that workpieces are found out of alignment,» he says, emphasizing how Olis Connect gives customers the flexibility to operate the Universal Robot remotely to account for variability and recover from downtime. «When running lights-out or unmanned production, this is a product that gives manufacturers peace of mind.»

Olis Connect is Plug and Play. Setup can be completed by the end-user in less than 30 minutes. By adopting Olis Connect, a small manufacturer can move from 12- to 24-hour production without significantly staffing up. Using Olis Connect, root cause failure analysis can start within minutes of a stoppage, not hours and days. With Olis Connect, every industrial robot will have a reliable fallback in case anything goes wrong. This can facilitate accelerated adoption of AI algorithms for robot control.



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