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Robust docking solution with high tolerance compensation

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The ODU-MAC® Silver-Line includes modular connectors for docking systems. A new addition to the line-up is the P4+ frame, which effortlessly overcomes tolerance compensation challenges and ensures a durable interface for at least 100,000 mating cycles.

The new solution for extreme centering tasks

A total of eight robust frame types are available in the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line. The P4+ impresses thanks to increased tolerance compensation with a radial play of +/- 4 mm. This ensures optimal compensation for misalignments and makes even extreme centering tasks possible.

Robust in any environment

Use cases for the P4+ frame include docking applications in industry and test and measurement engineering, as well as end-of-line testing and mechanical engineering. One possible use, for example, is as a charging interface for autonomous vehicles or for automatic docking during battery replacement. Furthermore, ODU-MAC® Silver-Line frames have already proven their durability and robustness in military vehicles.

Modular and ready for immediate use

The docking frames are available in custom lengths and can be flexibly equipped with the required modules. It is thus possible to transmit different media via a single connector. Choose a combination of signals, power, high current, high voltage, RF signals (coax), air or fluids, data transmission, and fiber optics. Get your hybrid connector as a complete solution including cable assembly – your interface will then be ready for immediate use.


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