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WAKU Robotics releases a framework to master proof-of-concepts with mobile robots

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WAKU Robotics, the independent partner along the mobile robotic automation journey, announces educational material including principles and a framework to succeed with PoC (first experimental on-site test) of mobile robots in logistics and production. This educational material addresses companies that are starting to automate their operations.

The Robot Operations Framework consists of principles and content that guide companies through a PoC phase. Besides the focus on running a successful PoC, the framework also deals with robotic operations in the future. Therefore it presents three essential cornerstones called TIP (team, infrastructure, processes) and how they have to change to enable robotic operations in an automated warehouse.

To make the Robot Operations Framework easily accessible as well as usable, checklists, timelines, and handouts were created. These documents help companies to guide through novel meetings, communication on the shop floor, and informing colleagues about the upcoming experiments. The material was developed together with partners in the industry as well as robotic experts that, for the first time, documented their experiences.

Victor Splittgerber, CEO and founder of WAKU Robotics states: «The new Robot Operations Framework will be the first of our initiatives to educate a young and fragmented market. With supporting companies to succeed in their first tests with mobile robots, we see a huge potential to accelerate the robot revolution.”

Current clients of WAKU Robotics are international industry-leading logistic and e-commerce companies as well as warehouse and manufacturing operators. They use WAKU’s expertise, the biggest independent robot comparison platform “Lots of Bots” as well as consulting from WAKU Robotics on their mobile robot projects.


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