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Motoman GP20 robot with slim wrist design

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When Yaskawa replaced its most successful Motoman robot HP20 with the GP25, many were delighted with the technical improvements – new controls, higher payload and axis speeds, as well as a hollow arm hand axis structure that enables protected laying of media cables in the arm.

But some European customers who had come to appreciate the old HP20 over many years still cherished the silent wish for a classical robot with a slim hand axis. Thanks to the possibility of developing and manufacturing robot models in the new Slovenian plant at Kočevje specifically for the European market, Yaskawa Europe can now place a state-of-the-art robot of proven design – the Motoman GP20 – on the winning track of its famous predecessor.

Predestined for a wide range of handling and assembly tasks

On account of its slim wrist, the 6-axis Motoman GP20 is predestined for a wide range of handling and assembly tasks within a confined space – such as loading/unloading of tool or injection moulding machines, assembly or handling of workpieces. In addition, the GP20 boasts a high degree of rigidity that make it especially suitable for machining or grinding tasks. This latest addition to the portfolio Yaskawa customers means a wider choice: the Motoman GP25 is still available for applications that call for a hollow arm design.

Besides its slim design, a payload of 20 kg, the long reach of over 1.8 m and high resistance of the wrist against penetrating dusts and liquids (IP67) make the Motoman GP20 an extremely versatile industrial robot. Like all models of the GP series (GP stands for “general purpose”), due to cutting-edge servo-technology this new addition achieves extremely good cycle times with outstanding repeatability.

Re-issue of a classic

The high-performance European new arrival in the Motoman GP portfolio continues the success story of the Motoman robot classic HP20. “The HP20 was one of the most popular Motoman robots ever. With its outstanding quality, performance and optimum design featuring a slim wrist it has played a leading role in shaping the legendary reputation of Yaskawa robots over many years,” reflects Dr Michael Klos, General Manager Robotics Division at Yaskawa Europe. “By popular demand of European customers who prefer an alternative to the hollow arm, with the new GP20 we have combined the classical industrial robot design with all the technological possibilities of the latest servo- and control technology.”


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