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Automated machine tool loading MTB application kits

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Automated loading and unloading in just a few steps: With the new MTB application kits, SCHUNK provides a convenient start into partial automation with cobots. The grippers and power vises included, are perfectly adapted for use in metal cutting machining and can be combined with robot-specific connection kits. This saves time during planning, enables up to 50 percent faster loading and unloading, and improves machine utilization.

Cobots are the perfect helpers. They can be used very easy and mobile for machine loading and unloading in the production hall. They insert raw parts and remove the finished products. In doing so, they relieve employees of monotonous and stressful tasks and create time for the employees for other ones. But how do you get started with automated applications? It is easy with the new MTB application kits from SCHUNK. The automation specialist developed three kits specifically for this purpose.

Gripping and clamping from a single source

Depending on the space and task at hand, application kits are available with either single or double grippers. Each includes one or two universal JGP-P grippers with a blow-off nozzle and sealed valve box. SCHUNK launched the high-performance 2-finger parallel gripper at the end of last year. The «double gripper kit» ensures maximum productivity as the two grippers can load and unload the machine in one operation, resulting in a time saving of almost 50 percent. Commissioning is particularly fast and easy. SCHUNK offers a third application kit for automated stationary workpiece clamping for this purpose: The power vise and gripper are combined in one kit and it comes from a single source. It includes the compact and low-maintenance PGS3 clamping force block with valve terminal. It can be mounted on the machine table via an integrated flange. Both, gripper and clamping force block can be easily integrated into the robot control system.

Due to the sealed valve box, the convenient product kits are ideally suited for use in harsh environment of a cutting machine. The gripper kit includes an integrated blow-off nozzle and additionally relieves the operator from stressful tasks: Dirt and chips are automatically removed from the power vise and workpiece. Manual removal with compressed air is no more required, and the clamping areas are perfectly cleaned for repeatable clamping. The application kits are available for OMRON, Universal Robots, TM, Doosan, and FANUC cobots. With specific cables, hoses and the individual robot connection kits, users can connect the components from SCHUNK to the cobot in just a few steps and the machine is ready for automated machine loading and unloading.


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