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Kinova introduces the COBOT Link 6

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With more than 15 years of experience in the field of robotic solutions, Kinova, a company based in Montreal, is launching Link 6, a new generation industrial robot designed for all businesses looking to benefit from automation. In a booming market, this innovation created from start to finish in North America stands out for its ease of use and unparalleled user experience.

Link 6 is Canada’s first industrial collaborative robot, featuring automation solutions that enable greater daily efficiency while improving the quality and consistency of production results. Key applications at launch will be pick-and-place, part assembly and machine tending. Kinova’s Link 6 controller provides the highest processing power and memory capacity on the market, making it ready to use with the AI solutions of the future, while keeping the size of the controller compact. Achieving short cycle times through longer reach and fast movements, the Link 6 robotic arm is developed and designed with any user in mind: an experienced industrial integrator and an operator with no particular robotic skills.

«Our operating market is mainly in the United States, where robotics innovation is well established,» explains Charles Deguire, CEO and founder of Kinova. «With the launch of Link 6, we also aim lend a hand to the Canadian market. Collaborative robots such as Link 6 are an interesting and increasingly sought-after alternative to overcome the labor shortage, here and elsewhere. Kinova is here to help out growing companies, and automation is far more accessible than most people think!»

Continuous payload: 6 kg / 13.2 lbs
Maximum reach: 1000 mm / 39.4 in
Maximum speed: 1.65 m/s / 5.41 ft/s
Arm weight: 23.45 kg / 51.7 lbs

An optimized user experience and greater programming flexibility:

  • Superior user interface with visual programming and error handling for fast learning;
  • Exceptional manual guidance capabilities;
  • Integration support provided by Kinova’s Application Engineering team.

A wrist that provides control

  • Innovative multi-purpose wrist for ease of use and increased efficiency, including a colored ring annunciator that shows the robot’s status and operating mode at a glance;
  • Built-in signal path and power supply for simple industrial connectivity.

A modular architecture tailored to your needs

  • Plug-ins to add specific features for your applications;
  • Native support for several industrial grippers;
  • Programming interface that makes it easier to quickly implement your developments in the field.


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