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31BIEMH: Top-level showcase of Industry 4.0

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Leading companies from 23 countries have already confirmed their participation in the BIEMH-International Machine-Tool Biennial which, with less than three months to go, has 95% of its available space booked. The number of registered exhibiting firms now exceeds 900, with a total of 46% of foreign participants from countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey.

By sector, the exhibitors will be spread among component and accessory companies (28%), metal turning (22%), tools (15%), machinery by deformation (14%), metrology and CAD-CAM (10%), and automation and robotics (9%), mainly. To date, the directory includes more than 2,200 machines, products and services, which will turn the halls of the Bilbao Exhibition Centre into a cutting-edge showcase for the most advanced technological solutions.

The data confirm a favourable outlook for this edition, in which industry will reinforce its essential role in the economy; BIEMH will return from 13 to 17 June as a top-level strategic meeting for the revitalisation of the industrial sphere, even more so, given the complexity of the current context. It will be a B2B tool for direct commercial contact, with multiple business opportunities.

International buyers’ campaign

The buyers’ campaign is currently being run in more than 30 countries, of which Germany, China, USA, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom and Turkey are considered priorities. Moreover, and with a narrower focus, special actions are also being carried out in the areas with the highest industrial concentration of companies in Spain.

Attracting major buyers through the Hosted Buyers’ Programme is one of the main elements of the BIEMH visitor campaign. This programme also includes requests from the exhibitors themselves and is essential for attracting strategic players of maximum interest to BEC, who can close business meetings with the participating firms before travelling to the fair.

In parallel, the general visitor promotion campaign is being run in more than 100 countries and is aimed at professionals from the main user sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, energy, gas and oil, railways, shipbuilding, metal construction, capital goods, steel and valves, among others.

BeDIGITAL, Addit3D and other events will complete the offer

BeDIGITAL and Addit3D, which will be held simultaneous to BIEMH, will complete the tour of Industry 4.0 with the latest products in enabling technologies for the digital transformation of industry and a wide range of companies focused on additive manufacturing.

Both events will address the major challenges in advanced manufacturing to improve industrial competitiveness. In its fourth edition, BeDIGITAL will offer a very dynamic encounter, combining its exhibition area and Start Up Village with Innovation Workshops and Digital Talks, which will analyse the latest developments in advanced digitisation on Wednesday, 15 June. For its part, Addit3D-International Additive Manufacturing and 3D Fair will follow a similar format in its sixth edition, with a programme of conferences, the Additive Talks, which will take place on Thursday, 16 June. What’s more, the BIEMH will be joined by the IMIC-Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference on Monday 13th (full day) and Tuesday 14th (morning) and WORKinn, Industrial Employment Forum, on the 15th and 16th.


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