Festo Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Festo pressure and vacuum generator PGVA integrates many functions in a compact housing

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The decentralised pressure and vacuum generator PGVA from Festo is a compact complete solution for laboratory automation. It integrates compressor, air preparation including filter system, reservoir and electronic pressure and vacuum control in the smallest of spaces.

Whether your laboratory processes involve pipetting medical samples or dosing with a dispense head, the pressure and vacuum generator PGVA from Festo is a standalone solution for liquid handling in laboratory automation. All you need to supply a solution with compressed air or vacuum is a 24 V power supply.

Practical interfaces

Both pressure and vacuum are generated in a closed control loop using integrated compressor, buffer reservoirs, pressure sensors and proportional valve. Users can individually specify the pressure and vacuum level via a serial RS232 or network-capable Ethernet communication interface.

The defined electric, pneumatic and software-based interfaces make it easy to integrate the PGVA into an existing liquid handling solution or operate it manually with the PC-based graphical user interface (GUI). The required volume for dispensing or aspirating is determined by the valve opening time and the pressure and vacuum values set in the software.


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