BD-SERNSORS Detection & Sensors

Electronic pressure switch for mobile hydraulics

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With the new DS5, BD|SENSORS is bringing a compact pressure switch onto the market which is mainly aimed at use in mobile working machines such as cranes, excavators and harvesters. A small component which assumes a great deal of responsibility in the monitoring and control of the working pressure in lines for hydraulic units, cooling systems and steering aids and provides protection against malfunctions.

The pressure switch is available in the measuring ranges from 16 to 600 bar, and is characterised by having switching accuracy of 1% FSO and a high overload. Since it is an electronic version, in conjunction with a PLC the DS5 is an excellent replacement for mechanical switch versions, since it has much better functionality and a longer service life. Bouncing, light arcs and contact corrosion – characteristics which often lead to process errors in mechanical versions – are a thing of the past with the DS5.

The switching points of the pressure switch are preconfigured in the factory, but can be individually adapted by the user. Parametrisation takes place by connecting to a PC or via a P6 programming device, which is available as an accessory from BD|SENSORS. This also prevents undesirable external access at the same time.

The DS5 electronic pressure switch gives users a reliably operating product whose design and functionality are impressive in the field. Because of the increased load cycles in comparison to mechanical versions, downtimes and the maintenance cost of the systems are minimised.


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