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LAPP Sustainable solutions at the Hannover Messe

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LAPP is expanding its portfolio of lead-free cable gland solutions. At Hannover Messe (hall 11, stand C03), the company will be presenting its lead-free SKINDICHT® LF cable gland accessories.

Just over two years ago, the global market leader for integrated solutions in the field of cable and connection technology presented the world’s first SKINTOP® cable glands made of lead-free brass. LAPP aims to offer its customers sustainable and future-oriented product alternatives. The reason for this is that the European Commission is working on new material regulations in the European RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Experts assume that this directive will prohibit the use of lead in copper alloys, such as in the manufacture of cable glands. Previously, there was an exception for this, which allowed a figure of up to 4%. In addition, the REACH Chemicals Regulation (Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) also includes lead on the list of “Substances of very high concern” (SVHC) which could be banned in the future. Although RoHS and REACH originate in Europe, they also have a major influence on international directives that apply in the USA (California list) or China (RoHS directive).

Lead-free is coming

LAPP did not want to wait until the addition of lead was officially prohibited. “Particularly for global manufacturers, who rely on a long service life for machines and systems and whose value chains are cross-country, it is essential to prepare and plan at an early stage”, emphasised Sebastian Maier, Product Manager at U.I. Lapp GmbH.

New SKINDICHT® portfolio

As a supplement to the common SKINTOP® MS-M und MS-SC-M models as well as the SKINDICHT® SM-M lock nut in metric sizes M12 to M63, LAPP is now launching its comprehensive SKINDICHT® lead-free series. These are blanking plugs, reducers, enlargers, adapters or lock nuts, because the accessories for cable glands also need to be produced completely without the addition of lead in the long term. All lead-free product alternatives with LF marking in the item number have the same product properties as the previous variants with low lead addition.

The new SKINDICHT® portfolio includes the adapter called SKINDICHT® MA-PG/M. It enables an easy transition from a PG outer thread to a metric inner thread, withstands temperatures of up to +200°C and is designed for PG36 or M40 thread sizes.

For closing an unused metric threaded boreholes on the housing, there are blanking plugs called SKINDICHT® BL-M (up to +200°C) and SKINDICHT® BL-M hex (up to +100°C). Both can withstand high chemical and mechanical loads, are also suitable for outdoor use and allow easy assembly with a slotted screwdriver or wrench. With the SKINDICHT® BL-M hex, a mounted O-ring enables the thread/through bore to be liquid-tight and therefore a higher protection class (up to IP 68).

The reducer SKINDICHT® MR-M corrects the size difference between the connection thread of a cable gland and the threaded borehole in a housing. It provides flexibility in selecting a cable gland, as this is independent of the threaded boreholes in the housing. There is also the SKINDICHT® MR-M hex variant with mounted O-ring that enables the higher protection class (IP).

With a metric cable gland with a smaller connection thread than the existing threaded boreholes, the SKINDICHT® ME-M enlarger is used. It corrects the size difference and also withstands high chemical and mechanical stress.

For applications where electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is extremely important, the SKINDICHT® SM-PE-M lock nut is used. It allows for the optimum contacting of a coated housing to protect against electromagnetic interference and for equipotential bonding. Contact is very easily achieved when the lock nut is tightened through the cutting edges that scratch the coated surface of the housing.

Sebastian Maier: “We recommend our customers to get involved in the upcoming material change at an early stage. Our sustainable lead-free cable gland portfolio already offers the opportunity to meet future REACH/RoHS requirements. Because lead-free will come»!


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