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New Rittal rail for interior installation AX

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A small change, but a major effect in the day-to-day work of panel builders and switchgear manufacturers – it is often the little things that make the difference. Rittal proves this once more with the new interior installation rail for the AX compact enclosure system. Greater room for manoeuvre in the enclosure, more space for a higher packing density? This little stability wonder with an increased load-bearing capacity shows how it’s done.

nstallation in compact enclosures can be very time-consuming and complicated. Mechanical processes like drilling are often needed to fasten components outside the mounting plate – for example to the side walls. This may not only lower the enclosure’s protection category; it also involves considerable installation effort and costs. Moreover, the available mounting space within the enclosure is often limited, or it is impossible to use existing mounting surfaces.

As a solution, Rittal now offers a new rail for interior installation with an improved load-bearing capacity that can be fitted simply, accurately, and stably – and without any drilling. A wide range of applications are possible with the reinforced rail, thanks to the locators incorporated into the AX’s side walls, into which the rail can be form-fit connected by screws. The interior installation rail is even better placed to withstand the vibrations that occur during transport or when operating machines. The result is that – due to the new rail for interior installation – more electrotechnical components can now be installed outside the mounting plate in the AX compact enclosure easily, quickly and with high stability.

In addition, simplicity also means higher efficiency: Holes made by drilling do not have to be deburred, painted, and sealed, which all saves time, effort, and money as well as discussions about whether the protection category is retained. Accessories such as door-operated switches, door stays, cable conduits, clamping strips or enclosure lights can be attached to the interior installation rail directly, without the enclosure needing any machining. This also means that UL conformity for the US market is guaranteed.
Another benefit is that in combination with the AX base configuration rail, accessories such as punched sections, cable clamp rails or support rails from the VX25 range can also be used, thanks to the predefined spacing between the rails.


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