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Yaskawa at Automatica Smart automation, also for beginners

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Yaskawa’s fair motto at Automatica (21–24 June 2022, Munich Exhibition Centre) promises “Robot technology for smart automation”. The manufacturer of Motoman robots will be placing a focus on solutions that also support smaller enterprises in their entry into automation.
With convenient programming environments such as the Smart Pendant, technologies such as hand guidance or adaptation of simple programming tools – e.g. the TracePen programming pen of German start-up Wandelbots – Yaskawa will be demonstrating at Automatica how simple the setting up and operation of robots can be today.

The new HC DTP plug & play cobot series enables the fast setup of cobot installations, particularly in palletizing and welding. With a high payload of 20 kg, long arm and high protection class IP67, e.g. the HC20 operates particularly successfully in applications without a safety guard. In keeping with the plug & play philosophy and parallel to the new cobot series, we have also launched our own “ECOSYSTEM” partner product programme: a network of various peripheral products and all-in-one systems presented online.

Extensive portfolio of industrial robots

The classical industrial robots from the extensive Motoman portfolio will, of course, be further topics at the Yaskawa stand: for example, the AR series of welding robots that excel in all complex arc welding and cutting tasks with their precision, speed and exact process control. The Motoman GP FGG robot series was designed by Yaskawa specifically for the food industry. FGG stands for “food grade grease” and thus for the exclusive use of lubricants that are approved for food production. A further highlight is MotoSim, a software tool designed for the virtual planning and inspection of production processes in a 3D environment.

With the Motoman PL series, Yaskawa will also be presenting the current generation of high-performance palletizing robots. The versatile all-rounders are used for automatic palletizing and depalletizing – and besides classical end-of-line packaging, to an increasing extent in distribution logistics.

Finally, various different cells with 6-axis handling robots from the Motoman GP series will be in operation at the stand: with a variety of payload-range combinations, these robots solve various automation tasks such as handling and manufacturing processes or machine loading.

Many of the robots on display are “Made in Europe”: manufactured and in part developed at Yaskawa’s plant in Kočevje, Slovenia. Not only do they meet the requirements of the European market; they stand for short transport routes and stable supply chains.


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