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Festo Cobot the world’s first pneumatic cobot

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Festo continues to bet decisively on innovation and on expanding its range of solutions for industrial automation. As reported by the company on its website, the presentation of Festo Cobot will take place on May 11 within the framework of Festo TechTalk.

As announced by Festo, the new solution will offer easy access to collaborative robotics. Human-robot collaboration is developing faster than almost any other market! Cobots will increasingly play an important role in the production halls of small and medium-sized companies. According to Interact Analysis, the collaborative robotics market will grow up to 20% per year over the next six years. We are ready to represent our technological leadership in the cobot market now.

«In our TechTalk we demonstrate why entry level robot-based automation is incredibly easy for your audience with our Festo Cobot.» Christian Tarragona, Head of Robotics

More info (Update 11/05/2022)


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