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LAPP cable helps the industry to save energy

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Energy costs are rising rapidly. The industry is increasingly asking what savings are still possible. One solution would be to consistently switch to direct current. A Smart Grid for the industry based on direct current would eliminate the step of conversion between direct current and alternating current that has been needed until now and could save noticeable energy and material costs. At the Hannover Messe, LAPP will therefore be presenting the ÖLFLEX® DC GRID 100 – a direct current cable for connecting buildings and industrial plants.

ÖLFLEX® DC GRID 100 is suitable for setting up energy-saving DC grids in industrial plants in the low-voltage range, for example for use in control systems, motors and frequency converters. The flexible direct current cable for direct burial with colour code according to EN 60445 has good installation properties thanks to its fine-wire, flexible conductor design. It can be used in dry, damp and wet environments and withstands high mechanical loads. It can be laid directly underground or can be routed openly in cable trays.

LAPP is a pioneer in developing cables and wires for low-voltage direct current networks for industrial applications. The global market leader for integrated solutions in the field of cable and connection technology is therefore involved, for example, in developing connection solutions suitable for direct current. As a partner in the DC Industry2 project supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the company is currently researching the long-term stability of insulation materials for cables. Based on these findings, LAPP was the first in the world to present its DC portfolio. This includes the ÖLFLEX® DC 100 with new core colour coding according to the DIN EN 60445 (VDE 0197) standard for direct current cables, which was updated in 2018. Other cables include the ÖLFLEX® DC SERVO 700 for stationary applications and the ÖLFLEX® DC CHAIN 800 made of TPE for moving applications, or the first DC robot cable ÖLFLEX® DC ROBOT 900 with core insulation made of TPE and a sheath made of PUR, s well as the halogen-free, highly flame-resistant single-core cable ÖLFLEX® DC ESS SC for DC applications up to 1.5 kV for use in energy storage systems (ESS).

Jürgen Beck, Product Manager at U.I. Lapp GmbH: “DC technology will decisively change industrial production and will be used in individual infrastructure projects in future. Great efficiency gains can be achieved with direct current. Ultimately, this is also an important component in achieving the energy revolution».


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