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Uniflex Advanced 1775 New widths, space-saving dividing system

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TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is expanding its portfolio with new widths of the popular UA1775 cable carrier. In combination with the space-saving TS3 dividers, new application areas arise, especially in machine tool construction and in sliding applications on gantries or shafts.

The new widths of 275/300/325/350 and 400 mm are now available for types 020 (closed frame), 030 (with supports that can be opened and removed from the outside) and 040 (with supports that can be opened and removed from the outside). remove from inside).

In addition, the state-of-the-art TS3 splitter system, which is already known from the Master series, is now also available for the UA1775. It is characterized by a height subdivision made of plastic shelves and ensures better use of the internal space of the cable chain. The new divider for vertical subdivision inside the cable tray is used as standard. The complete system of dividers can be moved in the cross section.

Thanks to its easy-to-install design, the UA1775 offers great advantages such as the TOTALTRAX® system ready to install or mount for long trips. The energy chain can be used as a self-supporting or sliding system with the new TKAL Alu guide system. Possible applications are automotive production, intralogistics, material flow and handling, cranes, as well as the timber industry and agricultural engineering, to name just a few sectors.


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