Food and Beverage Omron Robotic

OMRON adds new food-grade models to its i4H SCARA lineup

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OMRON has announced today the additions of new food-grade robots to the i4H product line for safe handling in the food and beverage and packaging industry.

OMRON’s food-grade grease and oil are NSF H1 registered and ISO 21469 certified. The robots utilize high-performance extreme pressure lubricants specially developed for the grease lubrication of machinery in the food and beverage processing and packaging industry. An IP65 ingress protection rating also allows for protection against dust and water jets from any angle.

The robots come with 650 mm, 750 mm, and 850 mm reach options for easy handling in a wide range of applications. They are available in table or ceiling mount configurations, and 210 mm and 410 mm quills lengths.

Some advantages of the food-grade robots include:

  • Ideal for use in food and beverage packaging and processing applications
  • Good seal compatibility helps reduce potential oil leakage
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Ability to work with primary (unpackaged) or secondary (packaged) food products
  • Handles payloads of up to 15kg

The i4H is available in a wide range of configurations to fit any work cell. OMRON’s EtherCAT connectivity enables synchronization between other automation devices. This facilitates advanced processes that require high accuracy and demanding throughput, as well as ensured quality control with vision integration.


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